My Erasmus Experience in Lithuania !

My Erasmus Experience in Lithuania

My Erasmus Experience in Lithuania has been amazing!

During this time, I have discovered a wonderful culture made up of history, customs, traditions, ways of thinking and doing completely different from mine, which enriched me deeply!

Although little known, because it has recently joined the European Union, Lithuania is a country capable of surprise thanks to mix of nature and architecture. The city of Vilnius is very charming, fascinating, clean, and safe, offering many places to visit besides the old town, such as the Vilnius Cathedral, Vingis Park, Gediminas Castle, Hill of the Crosses, Trakai Castle, Bernardinu Parkas.

The University complex, one of the oldest in Europe (founded in 1579), is located in the old town and dominates the entire city with the church and bell tower.

In fact, the “Large Courtyard” (in the photo) is considered the heart of the Vilnius University. It is the most representative place of the campus, where there is a gallery reminiscent of the founders of the University and the men of science who contributed to its prestige.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Vilnius offers many activities and services to Erasmus students of Political Science Department, organizing not only numerous events and conferences on specific topics, but also guided tours at the country’s most representative institutions, enabling a greater knowledge of Lithuanian history and culture.

It is attentive to internationalization, encouraging the integration of between students from different countries, and to the technological innovation, offering numerous telematics services. In addition, the University provides a tutoring service for Erasmus students, supporting them in solving practical problems during the first period of stay in the country.

The Dean, the Professors and the administrative staff supported me in my studies and in my research for the thesis. I have studied at Vilnius University to write my master’s thesis in Strategic Planning, developing a work of research decided with my Mentor, Professor Daniela La Foresta, focused on the integration of Eastern European countries into EU, formulated on bibliography sources derived from University libraries, National libraries and materials coming from Lithuanian Professors of different subjects.

The number of students of Political Science Department who choose Lithuania as an Erasmus destination is growing, thanks to the relationships curated in the years by the Erasmus Coordinator, Prof. Carlo Amatucci.

I advise all students to participate in the Erasmus Program while studying at University, because it is really an intense and fantastic experience! Not only because it allows you to get out of comfort zone and learn a new language, but also to be more flexible and adaptable to the different situations presented by life, developing a sense of autonomy and a pro-European feeling, discovering beautiful places ,meeting new friends and increasing the knowledge and skills to be used on the labour market.

Thanks to thethat gave me this great opportunity!

Marialuisa Esposito