Postcards form Roskilde University, Denmark – La lettera di congratulazioni ricevuta dalla Prof. La Foresta per le performance della studentessa Rosella Marino

Il testo integrale della lettera.

Dear Daniela La Foresta,

I’m writing to you with regard to Rosella Marino, one of your students from the University of Naples Federico II who has been an exchange student in our bachelor programme on International Studies at Roskilde University, Denmark.  Rosella has finished the course ‘International Politics’ with an oral exam last week.

Her performance during this exam was of such high quality that she impressed both the external examiner and me. I have been teaching International Politics for many years now, but the level of understanding of IR theorie Rossella has displayed during the exam has been quite exceptional. She has grasped complex theoretical linkages and is capable of explaining them in a straightforward and forceful manner. She got the highest possible mark for her exam, and we are happy that she was part of the course in the autumn term.

I just wanted to compliment your university with such an outstanding student, and wish Rossella all the best in her further study trajectory.

Best regards,

Dr. Laura Horn

Associate Professor
Department of Social Sciences and Business
University of Roskilde