Seminario multidisciplinare: Brexit and the EU future Analysis and perspectives. Martedì 18 ottobre ore 14,30 – Aula 7

Con l’intervento della Dott.ssa Regine Grienberger, Head of the Political Department, German Embassy Rome : “A strong Europe in a world of uncertainties”


The unexpected although not unpredictable results of Brexit have already started to produce several effects on EU institutions and member states. Starting from an analysis of causes which includes a retrospection of lost occasions and political hesitations of national governments in reinforcing the European process of unification, on the one hand, and the underestimation of growing discontent of European citizens intercepted by populist parties, on the other, this seminar will put in evidence all possible implications of Brexit in terms of migration and people mobility policies, both external and internal to EU; social impact on population perception of the validity of the UE project; consequences on economic, monetary, financial and fiscal policies; transformation of the job market; strategies for the security and defense of European external borders. Students will be then introduced to a multi-disciplinary and multi-level analysis of the role played by key actors, such as Bruxelles institutions, Germany, even Great Britain, France, Italy, not forgetting US interests in mediating between their important allies. This seminar will give an insight into the possible scenarios and different perspectives that may result depending on the political responses given to the challenging questions posed by Brexit.