Woman in Fintech DATATHON

C’è tempo fino al 15 luglio 2022 per iscriversi al ‘Woman in Fintech Datathon’.

L’evento di data mining (data analysis), coordinato da Maria Iannario, docente di Statistica presso il Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche dell’Ateneo Federico II, è organizzato nell’ambito della Conferenza Woman in Fintech II e del progetto lauree scientifiche del corso di laurea in Statistica per le decisioni.

L’obiettivo del Datathon è promuovere l’analisi del set di dati su temi di interesse per la Conferenza e più in generale per la Cost action FinAI (CA19130 – Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Towards a transparent financial industry).

Aperto a tutti gli studenti universitari e ai dottorandi, il datathon terminerà ufficialmente il 21 settembre 2022. Le squadre selezionate da un comitato di specialisti e analisti dei dati saranno invitate a presentare i loro risultati durante la Conferenza di chiusura ospitata dall’Università di Tirana il 22 settembre 2022. I due team che presenteranno il progetto migliore riceveranno un premio dalla Banka Kombetare Tregtare e un premio dal gruppo Cost FinAI.

Link unina: unina.it/-/30296072-woman-in-fintech-datathon-

more info: https://fin-ai.eu/datathon/

What is Woman in Fintech DATATHON?

Woman in Fintech Datathon is a data mining event (data analysis) organized by Women in Fintech Conference Committee, University of Tirana and University of Naples Federico II. Datathon aim is promoting the analysis of data on the goals of the Conference and more general on the field of Cost action FinAI (CA19130 – Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Towards a transparent financial industry): https://fin-ai.eu/.

When It will be developed

Datathon will start on May 16, 2022 and will finish in September 21, 2022. During that period, the teams could be use their knowledge, tasks and facilities to implement the analysis and send the results.

On September 22, 2022 there will be a closing ceremony with a session where the first three selected teams will have 10 minutes to explain the used approach and their main results.

Who are potential candidates?

Woman in Fintech Datathon is open to participation of teams from every European countries. The team should be composed at maximum by 5 members (male or female). All the teams should be composed by bachelor, master or PhD students (one of the last two categories is compulsory). High-performing teams are composed of individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills.


The registrations will be open until July 15, 2022. The teams should fill out the registration file pointing out the name of the team, the name of the members, nationality and an e-mail for the contact. The registration file will be at: https://forms.gle/wDfaFj7deVKTeZqf6

DATA Access

The data-set will be freely accessible sending an e-mail to diversityandopportunities@gmail.com after registration. The event has been communicated during the Diversity challenges and Opportunities in Fintech Conference (Naples, May 16-17).


Teams need produce a short report or a presentation (10 pages maximum) where they report the goal, the analysis and the main results with some references.


The selection of the three main teams with the best contributions will be done to an interdisciplinary committee composed by Statisticians, Data analysts, Economists, Experts in Finance, Gender Equality and Informatics. The selection will be done on the base of methodological framework, readability, clarity, and the communication impact. Detailed guidelines will be send to participants after the registration.


The main interesting contributions will be presented during the Conference. The first two in the rank will receive a grant/prize.


•  May 17, 2022: Datathon kick off

•  July 15, 2022, midnight (CET): registrations closed

•  Q&A meetings

• September 5, 2022: last term for presentation of the team results.

• September 21, 2022: closing ceremony.

PRIZE: The best two teams will receive a grant.