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Basic Information for Incoming International Relations Students 2022/2023

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  • Class of study: LM – 52 International relations
  • Course type: Master’s degree in accordance with art. 3 DM 270/04
  • Coordinator: Prof. Pietro Maffettone
  • Admission to the course: Graduate Level 1 and at least a B2 level of English
  • Course Length: 2 years
  • Admin Contact: (to be contacted for admissions of foreign students)
  • Department Office:
  • Political Science Student Affairs Office:
  • ERASMUS delegate: Prof.ssa Daniela LA FORESTA –
  • Headquarters: Via Leopoldo Rodinò, 22 – 80138 – Napoli
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Department of Political Science Library “G.Cuomo”: via Leopoldo Rodino 22


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Course Description

The Master Degree in International Relations is aimed at training a facilitator-mediator skilled in the internationalization process of business, non-profit, NGOs and public institutions.

The course is designed to train graduates with a solid multidisciplinary background, which is essential for analyzing and interpreting the issues related to the international dimension of economic, political and social phenomena.
A professional figure who can offer a competent reading of the international and foreign countries scenarios and is also able to develop and organize the process of internationalization of public and private institutions.



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